Win Key Accounts Using 1º Network

ONE provides contextual insights and talking points about a team's relationship with a target account using publicly available information.

“Within 5 weeks of implementing ONE, we have five Fortune 500 deals in pipeline”

VP of Sales
Global Analytics Company

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Strategic Selling

Organizations are leveraging their executive network on ONE to get warm connects with decision makers in the prospective accounts.

Account Based Marketing

Organizations are leveraging ONE to map decision makers with key accounts and implementing ABM in a more personal and effective way. 

Advisors & Consultants

Consultants are a key to business success. Identifying the right consultants for strategy, resource planning and sales, have become a relatively simpler process with ONE. 


Some of the best talent have been identified using ONE for hiring. Track potential hires and identify when they're actively looking to switch based on social signals. 



Opportunity Network Enhancer (ONE) can help your team get a foot in the door of any target organization or person. Leverage 1º network to your business advantage today! Weather it's sales, strategic partnership, hiring or finding the next big opportunity, ONE can help you connect the dots. 

Here's how businesses are leveraging ONE

ONE for Sales

ONE for Sales is effective in organizations with 20+ sales force. Here is how it works:

ONE takes multiple data points to understand the closeness with a decision maker. 
ONE also creates a personality profile and talking points about the target person, helping start a conversation with ease.

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